Supporting Revolutions

HM Enterprises: Rebelyon is a partner in the Dubai-based HM Enterprises, which provides agency and distribution services to defense, security and other businesses in the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Portfolio Projects:

Achaemenid Advisors: Achaemenid Advisors provides consulting and lobbying advice relating to Afghanistan, primarily in the defense & security sectors.

Rebelyon Capital Advisor: Rebelyon Capital is an advisor and investor in the  defense & security sectors and transportation sector, including aviation, shipping, ports, ground and rail.

Supporting Revolutions

JetSmarter: Rebelyon is an early investor in and on-going advisor to JetSmarter, an aviation industry disrupter sometimes referred to as the “Uber of Aviation”. JetSmarter provides a network of luxurious and private aircraft transportation to its members worldwide.

Hessel Hub: Rebelyon controls a 25-acre industrial park at Hessel Airport (a.k.a., Albert J. Lindberg Airport) on which a range of transportation- related activities and facilities are being developed, including a general aviation hangar, a general aviation maintenance & repair facility and training center, a general aviation flight school and seasonal day-trip flights between Mackinac Island and the Les Cheneaux Islands.